Most often, of all preliminary concerns of the students who wish to take the SAT, the most pressing one is when should they take the SAT exam. I have been asked this question so many times that I realized it is imperative to write an article on it and share with everyone.

Sometimes the key to a successful SAT score is being able to give the test at the right time. Consequently, a timely schedule can not only help to plan out university applications and degree choices but an early approach to SAT would allow for more time to retake the test until desirable score is achieved.

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Well, anyone looking to put their SAT schedule in order should plan to give their first take in their Junior year of high school which corresponds to the first year of A-levels or Fsc. The summer break of O levels allows for enough time to invest in your first revision of SAT syllabus coupled with tutoring classes to avail a knowhow into the approach for a beginner.

Although SAT validity is 5 years and there are a total of 4 exams per year (October, December, March and May), as opposed to 7 earlier, with no limit to the amount of times you can retake, I suggest minimal tries to achieve maximum recognition for scores. Ideally, I believe two retakes would prove sufficient to achieve desirable score given your preparation is adequate. The first time a student takes the exam, he or she is likely to go through time constraints and the general stress accompanied while taking the exam. However, given the first attempt is made around October or December of junior year or A1, the second attempt can be planned in March or May of next year accordingly.

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Essentially having your final SAT score with you by June, you can plan out throughout the summer the universities and specific degree programs that cater to your score band, leaving ample time to work on other aspects of your application to further build up your resume. In my opinion, you should only have two things on your plate when you are in your senior year of high school or A2: your college applications and your academics. That’s it!


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