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have never been easier!

Next Admissions Course starts 2nd Sep ’18

Course Details

The factors that set us apart


Our experienced Head Consultants have years of experience in dealing with college admissions and they will guide you to the best of their abilities.


We have indepth knowledge of how college admissions are conducted and we devise the best preparation strategies depending on the strengths of each student.


We pay individaul attention to our students and come up with strategies to optimize their chances of getting admissions in world class institutes.


  • University Selection based on student profile
  • Written Application/Applying as early as Application Opens/Meeting Deadlines
  • Transcript(s) & Degree(s) Overview in Detail
  • Course Waiver Requests
  • Essays (Personal Statement/ Study Research Objectives/Additional Questions)
  • Resume (Difference between CV & Resume, Length of Resume, Important Elements to include in Resume, etc)
  • Recommendation Letters (Step by Step Overview of Recommendation letter, Length and layout of recommendation letter, Who should write the recommendation letter, etc)
  • Submission Process (Checking all steps of application, Submit and e mail admissions team to verify, Emailing concerned professors and start networking strategy, etc)
  • Interview (What does it mean when you are invited to the interview? How should you prepare for the interview? Having “role-plays” and mock-interviews in class, Guest lecturer, etc)
  • Securing Financial Aid / Scholarships / TA-RA jobs (FAFSA, Merit Scholarships, Need base Scholarships, Need Blind Scholarships, Private Scholarships, Loans: Subsidized Vs.Unsubsidized Loans, Private Funding, Letter of Support-Co signer, How to get RA-TA Ship)
  • On Campus Housing vs. Off Campus Housing
  • Visa Guidance (Detailed overview on the documents to present at the embassy, How to prepare for the documents, Letter of support)

Our Success Stories

I have been working with Tutoria for admissions in US colleges for a few months now. Over this time, Mr. Usman, who was my assigned counselor, has guided me in everything ranging from picking schools to preparing documents for them to finally submitting applications. I love the professionalism and responsiveness towards queries and the way Mr. Usman answers them in the best manner possible. He knows his stuff: how to prepare statements, what goes in the letters of recommendations, how best to put things in your resume, and so on. I am hopeful that our mutual collaboration will pay off. I would definitely recommend Tutoria for anyone trying to go for graduate colleges and benefit from their experience and knowledge.

Muhammad Anas Imtiaz

Taking Tutoria’s optional career guidance was an epiphany. In a two hour class packed with more than 50 people, Mr. Usman got me hooked to every single word. He made me realize it’s okay to have an impossible dream as long as you are willing to put the hours behind them. I joined his six week course where Tutoria helped me in every aspect of the applications process. I highly recommend everyone to take Tutoria’s valuable course. You won’t just find a counselor, you’ll end up finding a mentor.

Omair Anwar

Applying for foreign studies is a daunting task. You need the guidance of someone who has gone through the process and even then you may not be sure. Offering Admissions Program as a course is a brilliant initiative by Tutoria. The course not only assists you in the whole application process (starting from shortlisting universities, going through personal statements/letter of recommendations/resumes, researching university requirements etc) but it also, helps you prepare well mentally. To cover so much in a short span of time gives you the sense of accomplishment. Most importantly by the end of the course, you realize there is light at the end of the tunnel. Many thanks to Tutoria for all the help/guidance.

Umair Zafar

Our Process

  • Step 1

    First meet up

    When you come to us for assistance, our development lead will be the first person that you meet. He will discuss your case and hook you up with an advisor from the admissions department. Once you have met the advisor, we move on to the next step of preparing your application. With an understanding that every client is unique and has his own goals, we develop personalized strategies for all applicants to help them gain admission into their dream colleges. We follow the following steps to ensure that your plan doesn’t have any loopholes:

    • We identify your strong points and the factors that set you apart
    • We highlight your weaknesses and work on strategies on how to mitigate them.
    • We select appropriate and relative stories from your lives that are suitable for your application and add substance to it
    • Once we have reviewed your profile and have taken into consideration your strengths and weaknesses, we help you choose the schools that are the most suitable for your aspirations.

  • Step 2

    Help with writing essays

    After discussing your aims, beliefs and stories, we help you in formulating the outline of your essay. The essay is perhaps the most important part of your application process and the manner in which you tell your story and plead your case could be a deciding factor in your admission.  If you are not satisfied with how your essay is panning out, you can always get it reviewed by our consultants.

  • Step 3

    Interview preparation

    If you think that you need help with interview preparation, then our consultants are available to help. By building your confidence and developing answers to questions that may be asked, we aim to equip you with the tools to easily handle any line of questioning.

  • Step 4

    Post submission

    After you have submitted the application, you can still contact us if you require our assistance. We don’t just back off from our clients after the submission of their applications but we build a life-long relationship with them so they can come back to us if they need any help. From deferral letters to any other sort of university communication, all you have to do is to call and we will help you out in every possible way.

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