My SAT score-1520

Breakdown- English 740 Math 780


This was indeed the trickiest part of the exam, a section where focus, skill, concentration and the ability to answer questions quickly was required. However, there is a simple set of tricks that can help crack this section. First, you must always follow your gut, most of the times the answer that you think is correct is the right option. There is a chance you might get double minded but that is of no use, read through a question once, go through the passage, and just go with what you think makes the most sense, stressing on a single question will mess up your timing. Secondly, always use the elimination technique whenever there is an ambiguity between two or more options, divide options into ones that are completely wrong and don’t make any sense, and ones that do make sense. To choose between the ones that make sense, pick out single words from the passage that may eliminate one of the options. Lastly, practice is the key. Sir Talal’s guide books were of immense help and are great for individual reading practice.

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English Writing

This is one of the easier sections of the test, where only a set of rules and some practice will earn you a good score. All I would recommend for this section are Sir Talal’s guide books: they contain practice that is divided into separate sub topics. Start off with a diagnostic test or some practice on khan academy to know where you’re lacking. Once figured, practice from the guide books to get such questions right. One last thing that can help with this is to always practice with a mindset to not get the same type of questions wrong more than once.

As this is an easier section, I’d suggest you to answer some of the questions as you are reading the passage. There are some question types like subject-verb agreement, Transitions, pronoun-noun agreement, parallel structure, etc which do not require understanding of the entire passage. This will save you a lot of time, while boosting your confidence as well.


Practice makes perfect, even though I could not attain a perfect score myself, this one phrase could never be more relevant and significant. This part of the test contains questions that are similar in one way or the other. Once you’ve practiced enough, you know half of the test already. The rest depends on how well you manage your time as that may act as a barrier between you and your perfect score. In each of the two sections, the last 5 questions may be difficult to attempt, not conceptually but due to the scarcity of time. The trick to this is to answer the first ten or so questions as quickly as possible, such questions are easier than the rest and take almost no time to answer. Answer initial questions at a quicker rate and save time for the tougher ones. Sir Talal has compiled his guide books topic wise, this helps a lot as you may identify your weak areas and work on them individually.



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