SAT preparation journey to 1540

Before I started my SAT preparation, never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be able to score a 1540 on my SAT in my first attempt, but Sir Talal truly made me believe that it was a lot more than just possible. From helping me build crucial critical-thinking skills to making sure the clock didn’t take a toll on my nerves, each and every one of my weaknesses was taken great care of during this SAT preparation course. I am forever indebted to Sir Talal and Tutoria (Brightlink Prep SAT) for making my SAT preparation journey this easy! Here’s a breakdown of how I scored a 1540.

SAT preparation strategy for Reading section

Being an avid reader, copy editor, and published author, I was immensely overconfident about this section of the SAT. This high ultimately wore off when I started attempting practice tests. Although, I never scored what most students would refer to as “way too low” on this section, my score was just not consistent with my expectations. To overcome this phase of self-misinterpretation, I drew out a plan with the help of Sir Talal and began following it, religiously; attempting five to six reading sections (Kaplan and Collegeboard, mostly) as well as three to four time-bound quizzes, online. I also mastered the art of skimming through passages and not letting the irrelevant details faze me. Both of which, are of utmost importance when taking the SAT.

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A good tip to ace this section would be to attempt the questions backwards. That way, by the time you get to the main idea questions at the start, you’ll understand fully what the point of the passage is because you’ll already have attempted the tiny detail questions which ask you about the point of a specific paragraph or line.

SAT preparation strategy for Writing section

Just like the reading section, I thought I knew everything there was to know about grammar. That, however, wasn’t the case. Although I handled the questions pretty decently, I wanted to do a lot better. To help me with my semi-delusional state of mind, Sir Talal provided me with ample guidance on how to not overuse punctuation. With that in mind, I attempted approximately ten to thirteen writing sections, every single day.

Something I did to ace this section was correct badly written sentences I found, online. I know it sounds pretty generic, but it kept me on my toes, regarding this section.

SAT preparation strategy for Math section

This section undoubtedly gave me the hardest time as I hadn’t opted for Math in A levels, but I made sure it didn’t mess with my head too much by solving plenty of handpicked “must-do questions” which not only cleared my concepts, but also got me up to speed. The one-on-one sessions, manuals, and practice tests (from Princeton, Khan Academy, and Kaplan, mostly) helped immensely with my time-related issues, making me score high on this section, as well.

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A good tip to ace this section would be to attempt all four sections (heart of algebra, passport to advanced math, data analysis, and additional topics) of the math syllabus, separately. This’ll surely help anyone and everyone narrow down their weak points.

Overall, the only piece of advice I can give to my fellow SAT-takers is to make each and every second of their time count by making use of all the resources provided to them and not letting waves of overconfidence take a toll on their otherwise meticulous SAT preparation. Oh, and please don’t mistake your interests for your expertise when practicing for the SAT; those are two completely different things!

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