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How Many Mock Exams Should I Take for SAT Preparation?

The ultimate goal for any SAT learning objective is to enhance a student’s ability to perform well by maximum SAT practice tests. Although the “Official SAT study guide” by Collegeboard has currently 4 practice tests (which will increase in the next edition) for students to take after they have gone through the syllabus in the book, I would like to stress that to get a desirable score, the tests given in the book alone are not enough.

Statistics show that the prime reason for poor SAT scores of usually bright students have been attributed to their inability to manage time during the exam leading to panic and confusion. To tackle this issue, I would suggest practice tests should be distributed evenly in the 2 months study schedule. Every revision session should ultimately be accompanied by by a small test. Not only will this enhance students’ time management skills but will also put into practice what they have learnt throughout the day.

In my opinion, students should attempt at least 7-10 timed mock exams from various resources. Here at Tutoria, we believe that maximum exposure to SAT type exams and environment would instill a basic recognition in the student thereby eliminating the chances of nervousness and time mismanagement during the actual exam. I would like to stress here that our tests papers have been devised by an array of international paper pool especially acquired by Tutoria. We provide our students with Collegeboard, Ivy Global, Princeton and Kaplan exams. My suggestion is to attempt all the available Collegeboard and the Ivy Global exams. The Ivy Global exams are very close to the real test exams designed by Collegeboard. Princeton and Kaplan exams are tad more difficult and somewhat deviate from the the actual tests but I’ll still suggest that you attempt one Princeton and Kaplan exam as well to get a taste of the diversity that you might come across. If you do these, you will be in a much better position to handle time management and this will also immensely boost your self-confidence.

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