How I Got a 1490


In reading, practice is key. You need to attempt as many past papers as possible and make sure to check the questions you get wrong. You have to understand what you’re doing wrong to fix it. Understand that the SAT exam has 5 passages to cover: literature, social sciences, science, and history. Whichever ones you tend to find easier, attempt those first. Understand the different question types from the documents provided by Sir Talal and how to attempt each one. The most important advice is to read more and more so that you can actually understand what’s happening in the passages. Underline and summarize each paragraph in just 4-5 words so that you don’t have to keep going back and reading the passage. You need to understand that there is 1 right answer and 3 wrong ones. I’ve found it’s more helpful to eliminate the wrong ones than to look for the right one. You have to have evidence for answering the way you do; you cannot ever guess. As long as you understand how to answer each type of question and can actually understand what you’re reading, you should be good. Practice is key.


Here many people have the misconception that because they’re good at speaking English, this will be easy. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just because something sounds right, doesn’t mean it is. You have to understand all the grammatical rules and treat each question as if it were math. There are rules and you have to follow them. Use all the material provided by Sir Talal. It should suffice. After exhausting all the material, you must practice. This is where you should aim for a perfect score. It’s most important here to understand why you get questions wrong. Spend more time on the rearranging paragraphs/sentences questions because they tend to be the most confusing. The most helpful thing to improve my score form around 38/44 to a 43/44 in the end was the 6 practice tests with explanations for the questions. Practicing with all these resources helped me get nearly a perfect score when I thought I wouldn’t be able to.


This is where the majority of the 800’s come from. While with English you have an advantage if you use the language more often, with math you can learn all the concepts that could possibly be tested. Do all the Must Do Questions, 10 exams and other material provided by Tutoria. Once you’ve done that just keep doing papers and sending the questions you got wrong to ma’am Sidra, who was very helpful in improving my Math score. I feel like I sound like a broken record, but practice is the only way to improve. Whenever you get something wrong, ask and fix your mistakes. Whenever you get free time, practice.


All in all, I never thought I would be able to get a score like 1490, but with the help of Sir Talal and Ma’am Sidra and the resources they provided, along with a lot of practice, it happened and in my opinion, anyone could do it. If anyone tells you that they got an arming score without any work, they’re lying. This isn’t an IQ test and isn’t reflective of anyone’s intelligence, but is reflective of their hard work and dedication.



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