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WHEN IS SAT OFFERED IN PAKISTAN? 2018-03-28T11:13:51+00:00

March, May, October and December

HOW DO I REGISTER FOR TAKING THE SAT? 2018-03-28T11:15:44+00:00

Students can register for SAT through mail, phone and the Collegeboard website


SAT fee $106 ($45 Standard registration fee + $12 for Optional Essay + $49 International processing fee)

How long is the SAT? 2018-03-28T11:25:22+00:00

The new SAT is three hours long, with an extra 50 minutes if you choose to take the optional essay. Some colleges require the essay, so it’s probably a safe choice to take it if you’re unsure which schools you will be applying to.

When and where do I take the SAT? 2018-03-28T11:25:27+00:00

The SAT is administered four times in a year: March, May, October and December.

Use the Collegeboard website to find the test centers closest to you. Try to pick a testing center you’re familiar with so you don’t feel uncomfortable on test day. Ideally, the test site would be as close to your home as possible.

How much do my SAT scores matter? 2018-03-28T11:25:31+00:00

This question depends on which colleges you are applying to. Some schools weigh SAT scores very highly when they are reviewing applications. Others might look at grades and extracurricular activities first. But you can’t know how schools value your scores, so your best bet is to look at the average SAT scores for admitted students and try to aim for scores in that range

When should I start studying for the SAT? 2018-03-28T11:25:36+00:00

Students should take the SAT test in A1 or first year of Fsc or grade 11 of high school. Giving yourself plenty of time to study allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, take lots of practice tests, and ensure that you get the best possible score. Try to start studying as early as possible so you can take the exam in October of A1 or grade 11 of high school, so that you can take the the test again in December or coming March if you need to

How do I register for the SAT? 2018-03-28T11:25:40+00:00

Registering for the SAT online is a pretty straightforward process. Make a Collegeboard account, provide your personal information and pick a test date and location. You’ll also need to upload a photo for your admission ticket and pay a registration fee. The fee is $109 with essay. Finally, print your admission ticket and remember to bring it to the test center (along with your passport). You’re done!

What are the biggest changes to the new SAT? 2018-03-28T11:25:44+00:00

The Collegeboard has made several big changes to the test. First of all, it’s three hours plus an optional 50 minutes, rather than three hours and 45 minutes (all mandatory). The content of the SAT has changed, as it now features “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing,” in which you’ll have to read passages and answer questions about them. The math section has been redesigned, and the essay will now be evidence-based rather than persuasive. Also, the new SAT won’t test the obscure vocabulary that the old test did. Instead, it will test more commonly used words in different contexts. Another big change is that there is no penalty for guessing. With the old test, students got points taken off for incorrect answers. Lastly, the scoring system has changed from a 2400 scale to a 1600 scale.

Is the new SAT harder? 2018-03-28T11:26:13+00:00

It may be harder or it may be easier, depending on your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you are better at persuasive essay writing, the old SAT may have been easier for you. If you hated the obscure vocabulary on the old test, then perhaps the new test will be easier for you. The answer to this question will be different for every student. 

What Verbal Background Must I Have?

The reading and vocabulary level is at the 10th- to 12th-grade level, but strategies presented by Tutoria will help you even if you are at a lower grade level.

What Math Background Must I Have?

The Math part has the same difficulty level as you face in your O Levels. It tests first- and second-year algebra (Algebra I and II) and geometry.  

Can I Use a Calculator on the Math Portion of the Test?

There is a 55 min calculator section and 25 min no calculator section

Can I Get Back the SAT with My Answers and the Correct Ones After I Take It? How Can I Make Use of This Service? 2018-03-28T11:26:31+00:00

Yes. You can avail this service while you are registering for your SAT exam on the collegeboard websit

Should I Use Scrap Paper to Write on and to Do Calculations?

Always use your test booklet (not your answer sheet) to draw on. You will not get any extra sheet for rough work. 

Should I Be Familiar with the Directions to the Various Items on the SAT Before Taking the SAT? 2018-03-28T11:26:38+00:00

Make sure you are completely familiar with the directions to each of the item types on the SAT (reading, Writing, Math and Essay).

What Should a Student Bring to the Exam on the Test Date?

You should bring a few sharpened #2 pencils with erasers, your Passport, admission ticket, a calculator and a wrist watch (recommended). 

What Percentage of SAT Study Time Should I Spend Learning Vocabulary Words? 2018-03-28T11:27:01+00:00

A student should not spend too much time on this. To build your word recognition quickly, learn the Prefixes and Roots we have compiled. Students might also want to learn the Most Frequently Used SAT Words and Their Opposites, a list that Tutoria has developed based on research of past SATs 

The Test Is Given in One Booklet. Can a Student Skip Between Sections? 2018-03-28T11:27:06+00:00

No – you cannot skip between the sections. You have to work on the section until the time is called. If you get caught skipping sections or going back to earlier sections, then you risk being asked to leave the exam.  

Should a Student Answer All Easy Questions First and Save Difficult Ones for Last? 2018-03-28T11:27:09+00:00

The easy questions usually appear at the beginning of the section, the medium-difficulty ones in the middle, and the hard ones toward the end.

Can I Take the Test More Than Once, and If So, How Will the Scores Be Reported to the Schools of My Choice? Will All Scores Be Reported to the Schools, and How Will They Be Used? 2018-03-28T11:27:14+00:00

Yes, you can take the test as many times as you want. With SuperScoringcolleges are accepting the best composite score over multiple tests for the SAT. Check with the schools to which you are applying to see how they use the reported scores, e.g., whether they average them or whether they take the highest.

How long should I give myself to study? 2018-03-28T11:27:27+00:00

Based on our experience a minimum of two solid months of preparation with the right tools and strategies are a good start.