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8-Week Course

Complete SAT prep with mock exams in just 8 weeks


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Why Take the SAT Prep Course with Talal?

Hello! I am Talal Ali Jan, and I will be your mentor to help you reach your target SAT score.

Our SAT preparation course equips students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for scoring well in the SAT exam. No single SAT prep book in the market comprehensively covers all strategies for tackling the SAT, therefore we have compiled our own curriculum with questions that come directly from examiners.

Over 7 years of experience preparing students for the SAT exam, outstanding student SAT scores, and partnerships with leading schools of Pakistan (LGS, Beaconhouse, LACAS, Lahore Alma, etc) – this has been a truly rewarding journey, and now I’m thrilled to welcome you on board.

Ready? Let’s master the redesigned SAT!

  • Inspiring and Engaging classes

  • “Learning by Doing” teaching methodology

  • Online Assignments and Quizzes

  • No Need to Purchase Extra Prep Books

  • Private One-on-One for Everyone

  • Guaranteed Money-back if no improvement in score

About the Redesigned SAT

Created by the Collegeboard, the SAT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admission decisions.

DURATION: 3 hours, 50 minutes

SECTIONS: Math, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, Optional Essay

MAX SCORE: 800/section (Essay reported separately)

In Pakistan SAT is offered in March, May, October and December. View all upcoming SAT test dates.


WHEN IS SAT OFFERED IN PAKISTAN? 2018-03-28T11:13:51+00:00

March, May, October and December

HOW DO I REGISTER FOR TAKING THE SAT? 2018-03-28T11:15:44+00:00

Students can register for SAT through mail, phone and the Collegeboard website


SAT fee $106 ($45 Standard registration fee + $12 for Optional Essay + $49 International processing fee)

What You Will Learn

  • WEEK 1
    Introduction to the SAT | Introduction to Reading Comprehension, | Introduction to Writing
  • WEEK 2
    Introduction to Math – Heart of Algebra | Application of various strategies to solve questions |, Essay
  • WEEK 3
    Reading Passage Types, | Advanced Grammar, Heart of Algebra
  • WEEK 4
    Passport to Advanced Math, | Advanced Grammar, | Heart of Algebra
  • WEEK 5
    Reading – Question Types | Writing Test Review and Practice | Full-length exam
  • WEEK 6
    Passport to Advanced Math, | Advanced Grammar | Full- length exam
  • WEEK 7
    Problem Solving and Data Analysis | Review of all the concepts | Full-length exam
  • WEEK 8
    Full-length exams


Writing – It tests your grammar, punctuation and rhetorical skills which you have already covered in middle school, if not earleir.

Reading – It tests your simple comprehension skills. If you are an avid reader, you have got this section on lock.

Math – Simple Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry with focus on Equations on Word Problems. It’s simple Math!

Essay – Analyze a 600-700 word passage and how the author built his or her argument.

Digital Classroom for Millennials

We leverage smart technology to collaborate with students online and post assignments and quizzes that are electronically submitted by students and automatically graded.

Students can access their files 24/7 through their cloud-based ‘Library’.

A message board allows secure and open communication that is monitored and controlled by the teacher.

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