The Importance of SAT Exam in Pakistan

Applying to colleges and meeting their requirement can be a tacky process especially in a country like Pakistan where each college has its own test to be catered to.

Any Pakistani student will understand that there are many different exams that have to be attempted in order to apply to different universities. These universities expect that the student comply to their set merit in order to qualify. Often, students find it difficult to manage giving all these tests which are only weeks and sometimes days apart. This makes the application process difficult. Moreover, it demands from students that they prepare separately for each test and often time this prevents students from applying holistically. But in order to overcome this problem SAT exam in Lahore provides an alternative route.

One common misconception that dwells in your mind and the mind of every other Pakistani student is that SAT is reserved for students who want to study abroad or get into Ivy League universities. In the light of recent events, it becomes necessary to rebuttal these misconceptions.

SAT is an exam that will not only secure admissions abroad but also in Pakistani universities. With the most prestigious institutes of Pakistan accepting it and exempting their candidates from an array of exams, it almost becomes a necessity for students in Pakistan (who wish to join the following universities and colleges) to take this exam.

Hence, if you plan to get into any of these prestigious colleges or universities of Pakistan you might need to check out the table below which outlines the desired sat score range so that you make it to these universities.

Name of universities and colleges Programs /Departments SAT 1 Score SAT 2 Subjects


(Lahore University of Management Sciences)

School of Science and Engineering

1300 and above

It was accepted earlier, but now you must take their own subject test to secure admission in the engineering school.
School of humanities and social sciences Not required
School of business Not required
IBA (Institute of Business Administration) BBA 1270 and above Not required
BS (Computer Science) 1240 and above Mathematics level 2
BS (Economics & Mathematics) 1240 and above Mathematics level 2
BS (Accounting and Finance) 1270 and above Not Required
BS (Social Sciences) 1200 and above Not Required
BS (Economics) 1200 and above Not Required
Habib University School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 1200 and above Not Required
School of Science and Engineering 1200 and above Mathematics level 2
ITU (Information Technology University) BS-Management and Technology 1100 and above Not Required
BS- Economics with Data Science Not Required
BS-Electrical Engineering Mathematics level 1, Physics, Chemistry
BS-Computer Sciences Not Required
FAST (Foundation for Advancement  of Science and Technology) BS(Civil Engineering/Electrical Engineering) 1000 above At least 550 in Mathematics level 2
BS (Computer Science/Software Engineering) 1000 above At least 550 in Mathematics level 2
BS (Artificial Intelligence/Cyber Security and Digital

Forensics/Data Science)

1500 above At least 550 in Mathematics level 2
BBA/BS (Accounting & Finance) 1000 above Not required
NUST (National University of Sciences and Technology) Engineering 1100 and above Mathematics level 2, Physics and Chemistry
BS- Applied Biosciences Biology
BS-Computer Science Mathematics level 2 & Physics
BS-Mathematics Mathematics level 2
BS-Chemistry Chemistry
BS-Physics Physics & Mathematics level 2
Business and Social Sciences Not Required
B Architecture and B Industrial design Mathematics level 2 & Physics

*Based on the information provided by these universities on this fall 2019 admissions

Apart from securing admission in these top colleges and universities, SAT allows the students to apply holistically in literal terms not just in Pakistan but also abroad. So if factors like financial constraint or social norm pull a student back from going abroad you can always apply in these colleges.



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