What is the SAT? This is the first question I ask all my students. If this question is asked to a hundred students, you can easily expect a hundred totally distinct responses.

Truth be told, just like it is with all standardized tests, it is extremely easy to buy into all the jibber jabber that is being thrown around about them, ultimately affecting their SAT Preparation.

Want to know where you probably have gone wrong with your understanding of the SAT? Read on!

Myth 1: Your SAT score is the only predictor of success in college.

Why we’re busting it: Multiple studies suggest that the SAT is not directly linked with a student’s performance in college. However, it is a predictor of a person’s general intelligence, given that it is a maze of tricky questions.

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Myth 2: The SAT tests complex Math concepts

Why we’re busting it: Here are a few things you won’t need to know to answer SAT math questions: calculus, logarithms, matrices, and geometric proofs. Essentially, the SAT tests a whole lot of algebra, some arithmetic, statistics, and a bit of geometry. When I say a “bit,” I mean it. Having said that, a perfect score requires, well, utter perfection.

Myth 3: All the reading choices are the same

Why we’re busting it: Possibly the biggest complaint amongst test-takers is that the Reading and Writing sections have choices that are identical. Simply put, one has to play the devil’s advocate and know that there is only one correct answer. Once you’ve come to terms with this, spend time trying to find reasoning to cross out the answers choices you’re crossing out.

Myth 4: The essay is the most important thing

Why we’re busting it: This reason’s pretty simple; how can something optional be the most significant?

Myth 5: The SAT is a test of ‘new material not previously learned’

Why we’re busting it: While the SAT features material that you cannot, strictly speaking, learn, the SAT is, regardless, a test of material previously learned. To score perfectly, one needs to master a myriad of strategies for timing and keeping pace while answering correctly.

Myth 6: It is a not a test of dedication

Why we’re busting it: Sorry, but you can’t ‘randomly’ score on the SAT, sans practice. A few questions here or there, yes, but unlike the myth, the SAT is a test of how dedicated you are to getting into your dream college(s).

Myth 7: You can’t really improve your Reading score

Why we’re busting it: You CAN improve your Reading score by expanding your vocabulary, including the multiple meanings of words, and by honing your evidence reading skills. The Reading section on the SAT relies upon your understanding of the words in context, how you comprehend the entire passage and your ability to read between the lines. So read books, newspapers and anything else you can get your hands on, and check out our SAT preparation in Lahore for additional skill-building tools.

Myth 8: The ACT is better

Why we’re busting it: Is it though? Both the tests are held in almost equal regards when it comes to college admissions. So, while the debate grows, the myth remains; Take either one. You’ll be okay.

I hope you won’t buy into these myths now and affect your SAT preparation. SAT is all about dedication, right guidance and practice: these are some of the things I focus on in all of my classes. Let me know if you need any help with your SAT Preparation in Lahore 🙂












About the Author:

I am lucky, because through teaching, I get to live my passion. I love inspiring and learning. And I love results. There is no better feeling than seeing one of your students finally “get it.” I did my O and A Levels from Lahore Grammar School and after acing my own SAT, I graduated from LUMS in 2013. I have been teaching and mentoring students since I was in A Level and till date, I have taught more than 5000+ local and international students: helping them with their SAT exam and college applications. I have taught at various schools like Beaconhouse School System, Lahore Grammar School, LACAS, The Froebels, UCL , The Lahore Alma and through my experience, I have realized the most important aspect of teaching is to understand each and every individual’s needs. This can only be developed through a personal understanding of each of them. You can always drop by to have a discussion with me over a cup of coffee! Looking forward to teaching you. :)

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