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Checklist of Supporting Documents for LUMS - Fall 2024

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Checklist of Supporting Documents

Applicants must complete and submit their online application form on or before the application submission deadline. In addition to this, all applicants are required to submit the following supporting documents online, on or before the stipulated deadline:

Undergraduate Programme:

  • Attested/Certified Copies of Complete Academic Transcripts and Certificates of:

  • Matric or O' Level or American High School – 9th and 10th-grade complete results;

  • FA/ICOM/FSc./ICS complete result or FA/ICOM/FSc./ICS first year result (in case the FA/ICOM/FSc/ICS final exam has not been taken as yet).


  • A' Level complete result or grades for any A' Level subject(s) completed or A' Level first year results (in case the A' Level final exam of three principal subjects has not been taken as yet).


  • American High School (HSD) complete result or up to 12th-grade first semester’s results (in case the High School Diploma (12th Grade final exam) has not been taken as yet). Applicants who have completed their HSD before the application submission deadline should submit an Equivalence Certificate issued by the IBCC, Pakistan in addition to the final result of HSD.


  • International Baccalaureate (IB) complete result or International Baccalaureate first year complete results (in case the IB final exam has not been taken as yet);

  • Equivalence Certificate issued by IBCC, Pakistan (for applicants who have completed their degrees other than Matric/FA/FSc/ICS/ICOM);

  • SAT/ACT score report (s) for SDSB/MGSHSS/SAHSOL/SBASSE

  • SAT II score report (s) (if applicable)

  • LAW Admission Test (LAT) score report (if applicable)

  • Four passport size photographs with white background

Note: Applicants who have applied for an equivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Islamabad, Pakistan, and have not received the certificate before the application submission deadline should submit it as soon as they receive it.

Details of Application Processing & LUMS Admission Test Registration Fee (If Applicable):

  • The application processing fee of Rs. 9,150 (for Local Applicants)

  • The LUMS Scientific Aptitude Test Registration Fee of Rs. 3,050 (if applicable) (for Local & Overseas Applicants)

  • The application processing fee of $150 (for International Applicants)

  • LUMS Common Admission Test registration fee of Rs. 5,000 (If Applicable)

Payment Procedure:

After the successful submission of the online application form through the LUMS Online account on or before the application submission deadline, applicants will be able to print a system generated Application Processing and LUMS Test Registration (if applicable) Fee payment voucher.

All other supporting documents that may be deemed relevant including testimonials demonstrating prior research experience.

Supporting Documents for Financial Aid (If Applicable)

  • Income certificates of all earning members of the family – This includes salary slips of last three months for salaried persons, complete pension book for retired, financial statements/ income affidavit for self-employed, business and for any other income

  • Retirement Order/ Final Settlement Letter in case any one of the parents or guardian is retired

  • Latest Income Tax Returns of all earning members & business

  • Latest Wealth Statement

  • Business Partnership deed, if any

  • Business closure document, if any

  • Bank Statements (for the last 12 months) of all bank accounts in the names of all the family members and in the name of the business (duly stamped by the concerned bank)

  • Utility Bills (last three months) – Electricity, Gas, PTCL, Water

  • Rental Lease Agreement (if the residence or any other property is being leased for residence or business purposes or if the excess property is leased to any other person/ party for income purposes)

  • Copies of Saving Certificates/ Bonds/ Shares/ CDC Statement

  • Loan affidavit/Loan document(s) of outstanding loan as a liability (loan sanctioning document & payment plan) and loan receivable from any relative, financial institution, agency, or organization

  • Medical bills/ expenditure related documents (if any of the family members is suffering from any fatal/ serious disease). Please also provide a brief history of the medical ailment.

  • Credit Card Statements for last 6 months (if applicable)

  • Property ownership documents (house, plots, agricultural land, flat, shops, etc). Allotment letter in case the property has been provided by the employer

  • Sale deed of any asset sold during the last 5 years

  • Legal documents (Court orders/FIR), in case any asset is under litigation or disputed

  • Vehicle(s) Registration documents of the vehicles being used by the family. Allotment letter in case the vehicle has been provided by the employer

  • Mortgage/ Lease document(s) (in case of the house, car, or any other property has been taken/ given on lease)

  • Latest fee receipts & Fee Concession (Scholarship/Loan) document(s) of sibling(s)/ dependent(s) - from any institution including LUMS

  • Latest fee receipt & Fee Concession (Scholarship/Loan) document from the last institution the applicant attended

  • Domicile Certificate of the applicant only

  • Copies of CNIC/ B – Form of Applicant and Parents/ Guardian

  • Complete Photocopy of Passport of Applicant and Parents/ Guardian (All 36 pages)

  • Divorce/Separation papers of parents, if applicable

  • Death Certificate, in case any of the parents has passed away

  • Visa sponsorship letter, in case of any sponsored international trip

  • Picture(s) of current residence (Outside & Inside View)

  • Any other document(s) demonstrating financial need

LUMS Financial Aid Office may request additional information, or conduct a physical audit, in order to properly evaluate your financial need. Please respond promptly to avoid delays. All data and documents submitted with the Financial Aid form will be treated as confidential.


  • Applications or documents received after the stipulated deadline will not be processed.

  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide correct and timely information to the Admissions Office. Applications without complete and correct information or documents will not be considered for admission.

  • All information submitted through online application should be supported by the provision of copies of relevant transcripts and certificates. Any information will not be considered valid if an official proof/document is missing.

  • The University reserves the right to change dates and deadlines for admission. Please keep informed of any changes by visiting periodically as well as the LUMS application site.

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