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Learn from Haider's SAT Journey to 1510!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Learn how Haider increased his SAT score from 1200 to 1510! His story is an inspiration for students who find SAT daunting.

Reading – 360 (-6)

Writing – 370 (-3)

Mathematics – 780 (-1)

Essay – 19

I had given SAT before I joined Tutoria and I got 1340 back then. I was confused (actually frustrated) because in my mind, I knew the whole syllabus but I could not apply the knowledge and get a high score. Sir Talal made a specific plan for me to prepare for the SAT and helped me point out my weaknesses. Without Sir Talal’s constant support and guidance, it would not have been possible. Sir Talal provided me with a vast collection of sources to prepare for the SAT, but one must always remember that the key to a high SAT score is studying smart. The way you utilize your time and sir Talal’s SAT sources will eventually determine your SAT score.


The hardest section ever for me. I did not read much books and I really struggled in this section. The easiest way to crush this section is to practice and practice. By practicing more and more, you will eventually finish this section before time runs out and even less tired. First of all, what really increased my focus and helped me grasp more knowledge from the passage in lesser time was reading with a pencil and knowing what to look for: any important information like change of events, change of tone etc. Underlining the important information while you read will help you remember the information and sometime you will not have to even refer to the passage to find the correct answer.You can save a lot of time if you do this. Moving on, you should familiarize yourself with the types of question that SAT asks. You should understand what the examiner would like you to answer and what the reader would have answered. Always remember that each option is different. A slightest change of ‘more’ and ‘most’ can make an option wrong or right. There is always one correct answer.


The easiest and the most scoring section of the SAT. All you need to do is the learn by heart all rules of the Writing section.You should know how to apply the grammatical rules. Using Sir Talal’s manuals, past papers, Khan Academy Questions, and all the other sources provided by Sir Talal you can manage to get a perfect score in this section. Just practice and remember the rules. In order to improve score in this section, I would advise to mark-up your mistakes, identify your weak topics, studying from the above sources again and again, and finally practicing from Khan Academy and past papers.


The trickiest section on SAT and you can get a perfect or near perfect score in this section. Most of the students know more than the SAT tests but it is a smart exam. It asks simplest questions with a little bit twist. You just have to tackle the tricks smartly. I would suggest to go over the entire syllabus using sir Talal’s manuals, must-do questions, khan academy questions, and past papers, and specially.Sir Talal’s lectures and manuals are really helpful in understanding concepts. Another tip that I feel is very important is to do questions without calculator even in the calculator section as you will save a lot of time without calculator. By practicing more and more, you will eventually end up with a constant perfect score or a near perfect score.


Most people are not familiar with analytical essays. I would really recommend to choose Global Perspectives and Research in A Level. If your school does not offer GPR, then at least go through the past papers and mark schemes of GPR. By just doing 3-4 papers, you can end up with 18+ score on the Essay. You have to tell HOW the writer makes a compelling argument not “WHAT” the writer is saying.The examiner already knows what the writer is saying. The examiner wants to see how are you analyzing the passage and what is your understanding.


In order to ace the SAT, you will have to make a solid commitment to SAT. You have to study for the SAT regularly without any huge gap and you should know what to study. By practicing regularly and following sir Talal’s plan, you can end up with a high score.

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