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Rohma's SAT Journey to 1500!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

English – 780 Math - 720

When I first registered for my SAT, I had no idea about how to prepare for the exam. With all the material, different teachers and books to get you confused, I wanted a clear path to walk upon and that’s when I heard about Sir Talal: and a blessing it was when I got to know that he would be coming to my school to teach. I must admit that I owe my score to Sir Talal. He taught me to act smart and be intelligent in my approach. But all of that comes after the first main step: where you set a goal for yourself, a focused target, a score! This is to keep yourself motivated. After that, assess yourself to find out where you stand. Attempt couple of tests, note your mistakes and go through those mistakes very thoroughly to avoid them later on. This should become a redundant practice. And I must say, use the resources provided by Tutoria which are specifically shaped for you.


You can conquer this part if you are a fan of reading. If not, well it can be fixed. You should know that nothing can stop you to achieve your goal if you are willing to put in the effort: let nothing come into your path.

It is better if you work on one genre wholeheartedly and be a master in it. Spend quality time on one genre before moving onto the other. For example, start by social sciences and move towards literature. There is mostly an issue of time management that can be fixed by working on your reading. I would never suggest you try to solve your questions without reading the passage properly - as Sir Talal puts it, “there is no short cut to reading the passage!” You need a positive attitude for reading followed by hard work and practice. In my practice tests, I usually got majority of the questions wrong as I used to rush to finish on time and in order to do that I used to skip paragraphs to answer my questions, but in my actual SAT I only got two wrong. This was only because I worked on my mistakes and never lost hope.

I devised a strategy for myself and stuck with it. I attempted words in context first, followed by command of evidence and Main Idea questions. I found it easier to attempt specific questions first followed by the more generic ones.


I found this section to be the hardest one, but once again all thanks to Sir Talal for improving my Grammar in no time. His manuals came as a blessing! The best compiled I must say. But of course, you need to work smart to get a perfect score. You must learn all the Grammar rules taught in class and make sure to apply them on the test. After a little bit of practice, I realized that same questions were being asked again and again. It is not difficult to realize a pattern. If you can do that, it becomes very easy to devise strategies for yourself. Just read the passage thoroughly, understand the tense in which the passage is written, draw small connections between paragraphs, mark-up transition words and you will be good to go. To be perfect, don’t forget to underline the main purpose of the paragraphs. Without underlining and highlighting, I used to get 8 to 10 questions wrong, but in my actual SAT I messed up only 1.


Just like any other student, I used to hate Math and when I heard about Math being a part of SAT I wanted to back out. Sir Shehroze came to my rescue in this section: he is an amazing teacher, a great mentor and an amazing person overall. He not only gave us all the knowledge he had, but also inspired us to push our limits. I literally started liking Math after his lectures. You must understand that there are two Math sections on the SAT: with and without calculator. Most of us struggle with the part where calculator is not allowed and its mostly because of time management. I myself struggled a lot as I usually made a lot of silly mistakes. I advise you to use all the material provided by Tutoria, which helped me immensely in overcoming all of my weaknesses. The second section is actually an easier one where you can avoid those silly mistakes as solving questions with a calculator is relatively easier. I advise that you keep a track of the questions you get wrong. Revise the method you applied before and find out your own mistakes. As each question has several ways of solving it, you have to find out the least time consuming one. One important advice is to remember all the tricks taught by Sir Shehroze.

To sign off, I would like to say my experience with the two best teachers of Tutoria, Sir Talal and Sir Shehroze has been the spectacular to say the least. They help you with all they have got. They have a tendency of helping their students in every possible way. And if I am proudly telling my result to everyone its only because of them. I would thank them with all my heart and of course advise you all to trust them as they bring out the best within you.

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