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Leading colleges use your SAT Subject Test scores to help make admissions and placement decisions. Talk to an advisor to chart out the course to your dream college.

SAT Subject Test preparation

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Next Online SAT Subject Test Prep starts 21st Sep '20

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9-Week Course
Complete SAT Subject Test prep with mock exams in just 8 weeks

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Online: 21st Sep ’20
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About the SAT Subject Tests

The SAT Subject Tests are one-hour exams that test students’ knowledge of a specific area. The College Board currently offers 20 different SAT Subject Tests.


Most institutions consider students’ SAT Subject Test scores when making admission decisions or when placing students in college courses. Many selective colleges and specific degree programs may also recommend or even require certain SAT Subject Tests for admission. If you have a specific college or program you’re interested in, be sure to determine its specific requirements regarding SAT Subject Tests.


Students may take up to three SAT Subject Tests on any given test date, but are not allowed to take SAT Subject Tests on the same date as the regular SAT.

SAT Subject Tests - Take a Glance

​The Basics

  • There are 20 SAT Subject Tests in five general subject areas: English, history, languages, mathematics and science​​

  • Each Subject Test is an hour long. They are all multiple-choice and scored on a 200–800 scale.

  • Subject Tests test you on your knowledge of subjects on a high school level. The best way to prepare is to take the relevant courses and work hard in them

Why Tutoria


Our mentors take standardized tests multiple times a year to design up-to-date exam questions


For every standardized test, we have 2500+ carefully designed questions of different difficulty levels


Our tech-based teaching enables better scores, more motivated students and a great learning experience 


We empower students so they get into their dream university. Our experts offer free college guidance during the sessions.

Digital Classroom for Millennials

We leverage smart technology to collaborate with students online and post assignments and quizzes that are electronically submitted by students and automatically graded.

Students can access their files 24/7 through their cloud-based ‘Library’.


A message board allows secure and open communication that is monitored and controlled by the teacher.

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Ready to raise your SAT Subject Test scores?

We offer a variety of SAT Subject Test prep classes to fit your timeline, budget, and goals. Contact us to schedule a free practice test and consultation!

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